Affectionately Known As (AKA)

Since 1993, the TAFO has been given some affectionate monikers. Some relate to it’s birth place. For example, “Seattle Splint” has been around since the beginning and continues to be a word of mouth nickname. Some relate to its classy style. The “Black Beauty” seemed to originate in the Denver area in the mid-late 1990s. Some relate to its components. “Lamb’s Wool Splints” (although no lamb parts are used) may have gotten its pseudonym from the Tennessee area. Some relate to past product identity incarnations. PFS Med’s own name arose from the TAFO formerly known as a Posterior Foot Splint (PFS). Some relate to an affection for our products. It is officially documented in Western Washington as the “Fuzzy Wuzzy”. Some connect the physician/surgeon with preference for PFS Med TAFOs.  We regularly receive phone calls or orders requesting “that wonderful splint Dr. (insert name) loves”, or the “(Dr.’s name) Splint”. We conjecture about the back story behind a moniker – a story about an unknown story. 

In the big picture, however, we thank the network of customers in 45 states who are willing to assist by directing new inquiries to PFS Med’s contact information. Though they may not remember the legal documented name of our products: TAFOs and PKOs, inquiries come via Word of Splint. This is why PFS Med continues to be able to manufacture and distribute our lower extremity orthotics for nearly 30 years.